About us

We're making the impossible a reality!

Supernova is the single most outrageous idea since the first design and development tools. Our goal - to automate everything so that people can be creative again - is the holy grail of today's technical world, and we are working hard to bring it to life. As the first Czech company to be accepted into and graduate from YCombinator, the founding team returned from San Francisco this year to open and grow their Prague headquarters.

We're looking for exceptionally talented and motivated people who are not afraid to prove that the impossible is possible and who love to push themselves to the limit.

Our product

Supernova Studio

Our team

The people behind our company

Andrew Evans
Chief Product Officer
Oskar Koristka
Jiri Trecak
CEO, Head of Technology

Key benefits

We're a funded startup that rewards its talented team

  • Work from anywhere - we're building an all-star, virtual team
  • Push the limits of tech - change the mobile development industry, forever
  • Deliver as you see fit - work am, pm or overnight... just get the job done!
  • No bossy management - we're a friendly team, almost a family
  • Guaranteed career growth - we'll need more great leaders as we grow
  • Competitive salaries - we reward talent and hard work with competitive salaries and options

Join us

Current openings

Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Prague, Czechia
Flutter Developer
  • Prague, Czechia

Transparent selection process

While we're building a team of outstanding individuals, we follow a thorough yet rapid selection process for all our open positions. Here's what you can expect:

1. First assessment of your application CV, Resume, cover letter to ensure there is a match in experience and skills. Each application is reviewed by a real human being with the care and attention you deserve.

2. Phone interview - we're looking for enthusiasm for our product and vision, clear presentation of your greatest achievements and great English to be able to collaborate with the rest of the team.

3. Technical test (for technical roles only) - we use online tests that will take just over 2 hours to complete and will highlight your analytic thinking and problem solving skills using algorithms.

4. Live coding session (for technical roles only) - with one of our senior developers so you can show off your skills in real time.

5. Management interview - video or in-person interview with a member of the management team to ensure all expectations are in line and there is a strong cultural fit.

6. Formal offer and contracts

Your data:

We use a professional Applicant Tracking System (Recruitee.com) to help us keep track of the hiring process for all open positions and also to ensure your data is stored safely and with your express permission.


We usually provide quick feedback within 48 hours if we don't see a fit upon first review.

The entire process can run quickly for a positive decision within 7-10 days for hired candidates when everything lines up correctly.

If you are missing feedback or would just like to know where you stand, please write to jobs@supernova.io at any time.