Digital Marketing Specialist

Job description

Supernova is building a brand centered around delighting and empowering the UX community. We need a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to help connect our message with those who are waiting to hear it.

Supernova is on a mission to make product handoffs obsolete. It seals the designer-developer workflow together by converting designs into full frontend code, making it possible to build, prototype, and deploy apps within minutes. After ending 2019 on a high note by partnering with Google and announcing a new cloud-based solution at Flutter Interact to release in 2020, the team is looking for people excited by changing the way products are built and introducing the world to the first truly complete design system manager.

Is this you?

You’re an analytical person with a holistic view of digital marketing strategies, love to tinker and A/B test, get excited by data, but are never quite satisfied with your conversion rates. You’ve got plenty of opinions on how things could be improved and aren’t afraid to challenge existing systems. You are at the top of your field and want a challenge - working in the fast pace of one of Europe’s hottest funded startups.

Job requirements

You're experienced with:

  • Creating digital campaigns that convert leads willingly
  • Running marketing tests and experiments with different channels
  • Global campaigns with a deep understanding of which tactics work well in different countries
  • SEO, CPC, and all the other fun marketing acronyms
  • Fluent or native English

Nice to have:

  • Lead generation strategies experience
  • Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Influencer marketing and management

How to apply: Along with your CV / Resume, please also submit a campaign you were primarily responsible for that you’re particularly proud of, and how you approached it.